Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Filler - Flexible Interior & Exterior Filler

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Toupret FIBACRYL Flexible Filler 1kg

Toupret FIBACRYL Flexible Filler is a ready mixed flexible filler for interior and exterior cracks and gaps. Fibacryl is a special, flexible filler formula that moves and adjusts with the substrate and doesn't crack. No priming required.

Toupret FIBACRYL Flexible Filler is suitable for use on any substrate either unpainted or painted: Gypsum plaster, plaster tiles, plasterboards, old painted surfaces, concrete, cellular concrete, cement, breeze blocks, bricks, stones, primed woods, Mortar.


  • Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Filler
  • Internal & external use
  • Long lasting flexibility
  • Adheres to paintwork
  • Moves with the substrate
  • No need to spot prime
  • Will not crack
  • Over paint in 24-48 hours