Toupret Touprelix Exterior Filler - Fast Drying, Lightweight 1kg

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Toupret TOUPRELEX Exterior Filler - Ready mixed lightweight fast drying exterior filler is quick and easy to use, offering a one coat fill with no need to prime or stabilise.

Suitable for external use and can be used on unpainted or painted: gypsum plaster, old painted surfaces, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks and stones. Painted over in 1 hour. Don't cover with polyurethane or solvent-based epoxy paints unless primed with a waterborne exterior paint.


  • Toupret Touprelex
  • Product code: TOUTLX01GB
  • Exterior filler
  • Ready mixed
  • Fast drying (paint over in 1hour)
  • 1 kg