Johnstones Shed & Fence

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 Johnstones One Coat Shed And Fence

If your garden shed is looking a bit sad, or your fences could do with a freshen up, grab a tub of this Johnstones One Coat Shed & Fence Paint. Breathe some life back into your garden by adding a coat of colour and protection. 

A water-based fence treatment to help protect the wood from bad weather, this garden paint is formulated with added wax to help seal in the colour and make it even more weather-resistant. It's all in the name - one coat is all you need to give your garden a new lease of life and with colour that is guaranteed to last up for three years, you can place your faith in this Johnstones paint. 

Garden paint might not be one of those things that you find super exciting but if you are passionate about your garden and keeping it looking lush, fresh and like-new, it is worth taking the time to take care of your fences, shed, summer house or tree house. No one wants to re-stain the fences every year, and who wants to have to replace the shed every summer because they didn't protect the wood and it rotted over the wet winter months? No one. So save the headache and the money by choosing this Johnstones paint to help preserve your fences and shed and keep your garden looking as fresh on day 1095 as it looked on day one.


Manufacturer's Description:

Johnstone's One Coat Shed & Fence Paint 

An easy to apply water based treatment providing exterior timber with long lasting protection from sun, wind and rain. One Coat Shed & Fence has been specially formulated with added wax for increased protection and it provides excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. It provides long lasting colour that is guaranteed to be fade resistant for 3 years.
Quick Drying
Wax Enriched
Long Lasting Colour and Protection


  • Colour: Green